not your average pear

I am addressing my great weekly class of 15 little boys at the white board this week.

They are adoring and adorable. They are 6 and 7 years old.

This week we were doing one of my favourite subjects; pears.

A pear is voluptuous and full of a range of colour. I must like to make things difficult for myself because these little guys would rather draw army figures or monsters.

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hanging out at the mall

Last week,  we are on our way to Washington, DC for a Harvard Reunion- (already half of you think I am lying or at minimum in way over my head) and I am already wondering best practices for faking superior intelligence, when I find out that 6 of us are going to be having a 7:30 breakfast at the mall

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7 things you should never discuss

I recently heard a podcast where the host set out to prove that the 7 things her mom said you should never discuss actually can be fascinating. If you get a chance to listen, do, as it  is great. if you don’t, I have added my own take, so commit these to memory. Because, mainly they are very true.

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