sleeping your way to the top job

A month ago, I lost my job, quite unceremoniously.

Conversely, when I got the job,  20 years ago,  it was quite spectacular.  (Several months prior, I had to sleep with someone to ensure I would get it. Don’t tell my mom.)

The first day of work there was blood, sweat and tears.

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One day you realize the only thing that offends you is the evening news.

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This is Christmas- confession

Saturday we had our really great mom/ daughter Christmas shopping day. We dress up, have breakfast downtown and shop for pretty much the only time all year.

My children try everything on. I say yes to anything they want (they don’t ask for much and treasure the smallest things) and they whisper about what they are getting me and love the moment when they say to me

I got this

And they treat me to something new. It is the best.

But I have a confession to make. And it ain’t pretty.

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