bible sky

This is what we call the sky  that looks like this

It is Bible Sky because it is found unrealistically on the cover of all bad church flyers and programs.

However, when you see it in real life (as we did on a perilous journey up a mountain road in Jamaica) it just simply takes your breath away.

All of us got silent. Even the atheists.

This sky is so unexpected and I love the unexpected. Read more about it by clicking here. Right this very minute. Now. Thanks


I am not sure whether, looking at this, I am happy after all,  to be a girl or not. I am also not positive that this is an insult to men, or to women or neither.

But based on this, it is actually surprising that the divorce rate is only 50%.

hey I forget to add the one other crazy experience on our return- check it out


Believing sits at the end of your bed, not far out of reach if you listen to her.

All you have to do is close your eyes.

She tells stories of wonder, evil and worlds no person can ever dream of;

Sadness, happiness and love.

Her taste is that of watermelon on a hot summer’s day or a sweet, red strawberry.

The song of a babbling brook swims into your ears;nature’s symphony.

In your bedroom, little dainty faerie feet walk across the mountain of blue blankets piled upon your restless shape.

One night in the winter, bells sound outside your window and a tiny, far off red light

flashes through the plump snowflakes falling from the skies.

A tinkle of coins and a soft light hover over your bed.

A summers’ day: water splashes. A tail – a glimmer of light, sparkling in the sun.

When you wake, trails of tiny footprints are left on your carpet.

She whispers in your ear, and you listen to her stories.

Believe, she murmurs.

That is what the world really needs to do. Believe.

Charlotte age 11

One day they are writing innocent poetry and the next day the world is trying to sell them red push up bras- click here for the whole scary experience of buying a tween a bra