on top and underneath


“I blame my mother for my poor sex life. All she told me was, ‘the man goes on top and the woman underneath’. For three years my husband and I slept on bunk beds.”
Joan Rivers


click here for extremely harsh and naughty words for wednesday. It might help get you through the week.

so lucky

today is your birthday and you are 17

I remember the day you were born

we went into the hospital on a sunny warm fall day

and you arrived to snowfall

a  fitting bit of magic.

on that day

I suddenly was no longer an average girl

I became a superhero

a nurturer

a provider

a protector

a warrior

an emotional heap

a strong girl, a loving girl, a good mom

you made me look so good at a job I was so new at

I had no previous experience and you taught me everything I know

the spectacular person you are  and have always been – I was somehow given credit for and yet you came to me this way

you smiled and laughed and sang every day

making the world a better place

leading with kindness and love.

You are my baby

the one who introduced me to my best work


and my best self.

Happy Birthday, my big little girl

The world is so lucky to have you.

It is not that I am trying to make you cry – but if you want a good one click here for my post called growing pains (it is actually one of my favourite posts) about that hard thing we all have to do- hold on and let go- with those we love

the unexpected

If I have told you once, I have told you a thousand times; I love the unexpected.

 I was sitting at Grano in my Language and Linguini class last Monday night, learning Italian, eating deep fried Calamari, sipping on a Valpolicella, when I got a  silent text from a man I have been talking to online  a bit but have not yet met.

Have you seen the Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibit ?”

He knows almost nothing about me and yet- here I was in Italian class, 1000% always interested in all things related to art and this coincidence appears. You know me – art school- sitting in Italian class- Leo was an  Italian.

Are you with me?

I think I will go with him.

Blind dates are a bit like out of body experiences but easier I find than an online dating site connections which still feel a bit spooky to me. Click here to read about a blind date I went on on Saturday to a ball that was called UNEXPECT THE EXPECTED. I love that.