long life

we had fortune cookies today and this was mine

and I was thinking -don’t we all think this and almost know it to be true- with such certainty that any other idea would be absurd

Most days I actually feel like I am still at the beginning of my life, but with  bits of wisdom, pain and glory that could only be gifts of the  middle.


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holy shit somehow I forgot about my MOJO YOLO



I have spent the last school year trying to do it all -constantly trying to figure out how I can  be everywhere, do everything and provide for myself and my family.

I feel like I am running through life, head down to the task, no chance to think or catch my breath and  at times I barely recognized myself.  I am pretty sure my happiness has been slipping, as a result.

Add to that, I am in a hurry to be everything and do everything somehow before I turn 50, so I can slide into it fully impressed with where I am at and who I am.

This is coming a little  fast.

biting at my heels, actually

One could argue that all of this responsibility and goal setting and doing  is a kind  of YOLO but it has eaten up the other YOLO- you know, the fun YOLO.  I think I will call it my  YOLO MOJO.

I am a worried that I have forgotten how to relax and have a really great time. I am always focussed on the next task and how to make it all possible

Have I misplaced my YOLO MOJO ?

I have spent this month with two amazing 15 year olds and they have taught me about YOLO- their answer to everything


say it with me


I think maybe this has to be  my new campaign. Finding my  YOLO MOJO.  Can the two  of me co-exist and still get a solid 6 hours of sleep?

I welcome your advice or access to a  fabulous cloning machine.


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when a place inspires


I went to a country party on Saturday night and the backdrop was like a dream

There was a magnificent house, standing like an old man with a long story, each piece of wood in its walls whispering a secret

it was open to the field and the pond like a child open and waiting for direction

and in the house, unrelated treasures so breathtakingly assorted and dropped into place as if they were always there – such a visual relief from so many homes that match and reflect nothing of the people who live there

I walked through  thinking just to be there I felt I knew the hosts intimately

And the willows that dip and bend and drop their unruly hair to cover their faces – surrounded the magnificent pond that sat so still like a mirror- I could barely stand how other worldly and beautiful it was

For so many minutes I forgot there were over 100 people there and a band playing and food and people to talk to

Instead I wondered for so long about how inspiring it would be to live there and wake up to this every day and feel you were in an enchanted forest, in a house with such bulging charm

where anything could happen and nothing would be regular


On Sunday when I left I felt a bit of Robert Frost’s poem but in the best possible way- click here for  what I mean – and don’t hate me for it