good and strong

I heard myself say so many times since separation that I am twice the person I would have been if I had never been through the difficulty that I had. It is an extreme example of me, to deflect any tone of pity, to see the bonus in the adversity and to rise above the harrowing pull of negativity. Everyone but my mom accepted this.  The first time she heard it, well after I had been telling myself and others this for several months, said “yes dear, but who might you have been in a good and strong marriage?.”

4 thoughts on “good and strong

  1. I found this little amazing present in my inbox today. I devoured it secretly, fast and with a wee guilty rumbling like when I used to borrow the chocolate squares from my sister’s underwear drawer stash.

    My first impulse was to just savour this alone.

    Then I remember if I would have just left them there all cosy tucked under the Italian wool undershirts, they would have just gone stale eventually. So I shared your blog url today on facebook and sent your list of wise notions to my first ping of friends.

    The Mama Mia post was as exciting and sneaky as the feeling of innocently finding the photocopy of the mid-term exam questions left in the library photocopier. Then I remembered to never say no to a nice invitation and the sneaky feeling went away, a little.

    Nothing has pinned my attention to a blog like this since Laid Off Dad. Thank you for inviting me so early.

  2. Nance – You are a woman of your word!!!
    I recall when you first had this big idea …. You allowed the idea to blossom, grow, you learned as much as you could about this new medium, asked for feedback, shared some early writings and here you are today launching the blog. What a a wonderful way to celebrate …. giving us this wonderful treat of so many insightful experiences that are sure to help each and everyone of us in more ways that you will ever know. Hmmm I take that back I think you will know. Thanks my friend. B

    • Barb- you have always been a great supporter and encourager of mine and I can’t tell you what it has meant to me. You are amazing. love you big. xn

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