don’t stick your tongue out at me

A friend once told me that of all the things she missed of her old married life – one of the most profound things was pulling into the driveway alone in the darkness with a car full of stuff to unload alone.

I am well used to this and have a few teenagers to help so this means little to me these days.

However, I was downhill skiing on the weekend with my old ski  boots which I have not worn I guess since I was married. Skiing was something I gave up along with long silences, being alone together, lack of trust and celibacy. Mostly good.

I pretty much forgot that I was talked into racing boots, even thought I don’t race. They fit my feet like a pair of jeans that would be too intimate to wear. My ex husband used to pry open the boot on one knee as I wiggled my foot out almost breaking it in the process.

After skiing all day I went to take  my boots off and there was nobody around me except for a guy just to my right. I tried hard to take off the boots myself but just couldn’t until he offered to help.

There down on one knee laughing hard with me  and pulling and prying and his wife walks in.

OOOOPS. Not happy.

I either need new boots or  a new husband.

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2 thoughts on “don’t stick your tongue out at me

  1. i gotta tell you – usually i love your posts and think you are brilliant, but this was too flippant. YOU were the potential cause of a marital spat. the guy, a nice guy, a guy the woman probably married b/c he was a nice guy, was helping you out. don’t write: OOOOPS. not happy.
    that woman deals with his innate habits and his idiosyncrasies and has earned her position in the give-and-take of marriage. don’t dismiss her and her reaction to easily. you know, you used to be her.

    • this is the best kind of mail to get! thinking mail. I have thought about this for the last little while and I have to say- I was not the cause of any marital spat- I was offered help and I accepted it. We had a laugh over the stuck boot and it was a comical exchange to walk in on but that is it.
      I will agree with you that I was flippant in the writing of this- that to try to amuse my readers, likely.
      It was a light moment. Really. And I cannot control how seriously someone might take anything that I do.
      I was never her as I am not a jealous girl so that part was odd to me.
      Keep reading and telling me how you feel. I love it !

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