you kept me up all night

Of all the nicest things you have said to me “you kept me up all night” is one of them. Someone connected you to my blogs and you got hooked and read  the archives into the night. This makes me soar.

Another favourite is “keep going”  and I always like “Thank you”. I love when you disagree because that is hard and I feel a bit foolish but it makes me think. I like when you let me tell your stories and trust me with them.

When you said ” You gave me the courage to do what I needed to do” I burst into tears.

When you said “you are whiny and self centred” I laughed and then swallowed hard and wondered if maybe I was.

When you say ” it makes me smile, laugh, appreciate, move, stay, do, be better”; it means so much. You tell me your dad reads it, your teenage daughter, your great aunt, the postman and your personal trainer.  I love this. It was never meant just for the split.

Of all the weird things you have said to me- this was the weirdest-  “Por favour, limpia tu cuarto antes de hacer porn” roughly translated  from Spanish means”Please clean your bedroom before you make porn” ( pretty sure this was spam as my pics have all been clean ones).

I love to hear from you. I want to hear about what you want to read, what you don’t like, what inspires and what pisses you off.

I would like your stories so please send me a comment and let me know if I can interview you. Tell me what you want from the blog and why you read it. Please pass it on if you like it and unsubscribe if you don’t. All my friends and family have paid their dues reading for over a year- no hard feelings if you drop it now.

If you like what I write, please read more from the blog- subscribe to both so I can visit you in your inbox daily. Press the like button at the bottom of any post, link it to Facebook, twitter or email it to a friend (see share button below). I am trying to increase traction and this helps me  a great deal.

I am working on a book and I will be changing the format of my blog.

I hope  you  let me  continue to take you on this adventure.

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3 thoughts on “you kept me up all night

  1. I love your blog, it comes into my inbox and I always read it. Keep writing. You can interview me, we already started an interview in No Frills a while back. Mine is a strange story, keep hoping for a happy ending.

    • I remember! All of us have some strange to our stories. I am going to set up that interview now.
      I want you to have a happy ending too. And middle. And start.

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