Towards the end of my marriage, vulnerability scared the wits out of me. I felt there was much others knew before me, I felt a loss of control of my own life, and I tried everything to make myself avoid vulnerability.

Over the last 4 years – I have found myself  excited and fascinated by my own vulnerability. The more I put myself out there in my work and personal life, the more I have felt a feeling that I am alive. If something scares me then I chose to do it. If I am  afraid of rejection, I pushed and continue to push myself to allow that possibility. If I am afraid of loss of the privacy I so cherished when I was married, then I work to expose myself. if I was worried about criticism, then I try to  open myself up to it.

The more I did these things the more I felt my own power. The more I allowed myself to be vulnerable to failure, rejection and criticism the happier and more alive I felt.

I cannot explain it beyond that. But my own vulnerability  terrifies me  thrills me.

Dr Brene Brown calls vulnerability ‘the birthplace of joy, belonging, faith, creativity and love’ – see what she has taught me about the price of invulnerability by clicking here.

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