little big work, big little work


encaustic “lost at sea” summer 2012 -SJ


This  term,  little big work, big little work, I  like to give to any work we all do, can do, might do, that has other layers offered up and you can grab them if you dare and make your life into  a bit of meaningfulness.

You can fly half way around the world to do something important and you can do it right here.

You can take that little normal nothing thing  you do and turn it into something truly life changing

I love the way it takes a regular everyday day and lights it on fire

Did you notice? Do you remember this? Sometimes I forget.

My work is  not brain surgery.

It requires me to be creative, manage (little) people, expend loads of energy and work quickly on my feet. But it is not heavy-duty impossible or stressful in that way where you cry in the bathroom cubicle between executive meetings or want to murder the team that made the colossal mistake on that report.

However, I  come into contact with little  and medium size people every day. They are open and trusting and because of what I do, they often look up to me.

I get to tell them they are beautiful and can do anything. I get to find their achilles and strengthen it.

There was a little girl who came to me for years who had a voice like a muppet. No kidding. After I got her trust and knew she looked to me for so much, I told her she had the most unique, wonderful and different voice. I looked into her eyes.

I have had a boy who stuttered,  several children with autism, a girl whose eyes would not meet mine, kids with severe anxiety, many who were raised to find everything boring, several over-anxious moms, enough ADHD to sink a ship, ants in pants, NEGATIVITY (‘my artwork is horrible’ ‘I hate what I made” “I can’t”) and full on tantrums and sulking.

This is my little big work, my big little work.

You know as you have it too.




This year, I am not sure why- but I have had dozens of  opportunities like this. Some I have handled well with and some I think I could have been better at.  I  learned from all of it. Click here for my most recent experience to make a difference one I am so thankful for