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5 year old artist addressing the class


So many hot topics that arise in the studio. Some faves include-

Can a man marry a man?

Can a woman marry a woman?

If a man marries a man how do they make babies?

How are babies made?

They are made when a dad kisses a mom for a very long time. Like the longest kiss there ever was, like a kiss that goes on for days and days. And nights too

My friend kisses everyone he knows on the lips and doesn’t make babies. My mom says lip kissing is for family only. What do you think, Nancy? Do you kiss people who aren’t family on the lips?

You live with your sisters right?

Why are you not married?

My dad and mom don’t live together because he always left his dirty underwear on the floor

When I was in my mom’s belly I could see out of her belly button, so I have been to Disney

Nancy, my friend says you live upstairs is that true? Right upstairs?

They  chatter because their hands are busy and their minds are quiet. Whenever anyone says they want to have a tough discussion with their child I always say do something with them  side by side  (skiing and chairlift riding, hiking, art, fixing the lawnmower, fishing etc) because this is when we all feel it is easiest to talk.

Talking is maybe too easy for me but this week I found it hard to answer these and other compelling questions. Click here to find out why


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