a picture speaks a thousand words

When she took her new boyfriend up to bed for the first time, she walked by the painting her grandmother painted many years ago.

The painting was not nudged, it was not bumped but amazingly it jumped off the wall.

Strange, she thought, as she walks by this and the other 50 or so paintings and photos that decorate the walls up her stairs and to her bedroom  several times a day and this has never ever happened to any of the pieces.

She puts the painting securely back on the wall and they enter her bedroom.

Ten minutes later the painting jumps off the wall again and drops to the floor with a surprisingly, given its weight, loud noise.

At the time it was curious, even amusing but as time went on she came to know that this man was not a good man and not a man to trust and she feels certain now that it was her grandmother warning her through the painting.

Now she is with a new man and grandma has been silent and still. Even smiling maybe.



I heard an interview recently with an author from a new book that came to her while she was treating someone in therapy. So much of what she was saying about why sex can come to a screeching halt in marriage makes sense. Click here for a title that seems to explain what so many women say they feel ( dear male readers- you have your extremely valid side too and I will write about that as soon as I find a book a man has written on the topic- likely something like ‘I don’t want to sleep with my nagging mom’)


2 thoughts on “a picture speaks a thousand words

  1. Was that simply a coincidence or a sign? I’m relieved to hear that you’re in a happier place and in a new relationship with a man that is deserving and respectful of your creative & youthful spirit. I often think of my Mother and Nan watching over me and smiling too as they see my true soul shine and acknowledge that it’s possible to find love again. I love reading your posts…you continue to inspire and make me laugh & smile and believe that life is not over after separation.

    • patti- this actually is not my story but it is one that I love- it belongs to a friend. I am so happy to inspire you and make you laugh – it means so very much. Keep believing – I do, no matter what xx

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