call me crazy

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I lost several hours of my life that I will never get back talking to various people at our mobile ‘service’ (?) provider all of who work for the same company and all of who have a very different story on everything.

They did all, however, concur on their feeling that I was nuts.

Daughter at University had phone  lifeline breakdown and needed it fixed  or replaced, like a house on fire. I don’t blame her.

I wanted her to choose her new phone, speak for herself and do all the negotiating so I  asked them to put her on ‘first line’. This is provider speak for ‘making my own decision about everything and then sending mom the bill’.

I can’t tell you how many people over there cautioned me against this, even told me I was crazy.

“Do you know how many parents end up with debilitating bills when kids take over the account?”

“Are you nuts?” (was that line part of their stringent training?)

I did it anyway.

This happened to remind me of everything that is wrong today in parenting. No managing expectations, no trust and no consequence if it is broken. You get what you paid for.


(ok ok ok- when the first bill comes in I’ll let you know…)


And another thing…. click here for another tiny parenting rant I hold close to my heart



4 thoughts on “call me crazy

  1. I could do the same thing right now with both Matthew and Elise who are on 13 and 14! They would never break the trust and are so responsible. If you don’t teach it and expect it, they don’t learn and feel good about being the responsible trustworthy person.
    Loved this! It’s so true. Right on again Nancy!
    Ps loved the blog w the new little girl and her response to the other children’s question about her hand.She sounds amazing! Obviously the parents are as well.

  2. I agree 100%! Why do we have a debt crisis here in North America? Whether is kids, corporations or governments, we seem to have forgotten how to live within our means. It starts at home….

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