a very good friend gave me a very strange gift

she must know I am not too much of a domestic goddess

in fact I hardly ever ‘dust’-that seems to be the very least of my issues

I got a pair of slipper genies from her

now while it is somewhat funny that you would put on slippers that dust while you wear them- the funniest part is what the package warns

exercise caution while using this product- can be slipper-y”

“do not slide or run” -believe me that is the fun part

“do not use if you are unstable” (personal favourite)


B.S.- I know you are reading this – and please do not be hurt. I am just thinking you saw these and said they were so me? You can’t imagine the joy and laughter they brought on Christmas morning. Thank you.


Does anyone else stare at the men in tights at the ballet with mouth hanging open? Click here for the year I got removed from the ballet just after intermission for loud/lewd behavior and tell me honestly- can you blame me?

One thought on “unstable

  1. They are pink, they are fun, they are practical, and can get the job done fast to leave more time for you to relax, put your feet up and have tea or wine with friends!!! Glad they also brought some laughs.

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