pants on fire

Hey Lance-Here is the thing about lying-you can’t decide to be truthful – you either are or you are not. There is no convenience with truth it is just an imperative or it is not. If you come clean don’t expect the world to forget all the moments of gross indignation, public and private attack,  lawsuits threatened, executed and won, bulldozing  people who tried to tell the truth and correct an incorrection, or you passing the other guy because of a synthetic advantage you may have had over him.

The thing about the truth when it is finally told, one is never sure if it is told from fear, from overriding knowledge that you have been found out, or that finally you can’t bear the guilt of it or the shame and it is more about you  and your needs than the truth after all.

Truth has a threshhold and when you step from it to the other side – the lying side- you forget everything, what is wrong and what is right, who you are and what you stand for, you are lost in the other land as you  begin to fully believe your lie through spectacular justification. It is a land where you dwell alone isolated by your word that no longer has any value and all your currency in the world is reduced forever. Nothing that comes out of your mouth again is pure and nothing you do again is pure. The you that you were born with is dead and  the lie becomes greater than the sum of your parts.


Am I done? No. I have more to say on this. Do you ever get the feeling no one stands for anything anymore?



3 thoughts on “pants on fire

  1. Hi Nancy,

    The difference with people like Lance Armstrong is that he is not caught up in his fame or his lies. He already was this since learning to be in childhood. He actually believes them. Oprah tries to quietly mention the old term Sociopath. He is actually nodding mumbling the current diagnoses ” Narcissist.” its not that he really gets, admits it etc. but he’s truly heard it a hundred times from those who have had to survive. You not have 3 kids and a spiritual wife who leaves u within five of the first years.that’s not what we do. It’s scary and unbearable.
    I’ve studied out of necessity, this very fixed personality disorder. It needs so much more attention. It is common overused term that only people who had to survive the Lance Armstrongs can relate too. So happy you wrote about his.

    • Yes so am I, but my fight for knowledge and the regaining of my rose coloured glasses has kept me strong. I am now on the other side and helping sweet friends / people understand and survive the same. Ohhhhhh sweet innocence! However, it’s all good and you grow from it all. Especially if you re a Pisces eh nancy? Need the date for yours again?

      Ox your blogs are amazing!

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