lucky me


After some thought and reflection, I decided to throw myself a birthday party.

This because I realized that my 40’s were the best decade of my life because of the people in my life and because of the way they see me and believe in me. I also wanted to avoid others throwing me a party- I knew that more than a few were plotting parties and I just could not take any more kindness from these people who I feel give to me all the time.

As much as I wanted to celebrate me, I really wanted to celebrate them.

I wanted to get all the people who have been important to me recently and throughout my lifetime and pop them into my beautiful home. I reached out to many over the last months and tried to reconnect. I was amazed at how many were willing to come from great distances. Their attempts to do so were touching.

A committee was formed without my knowledge and a meeting was called and a few wonderful friends told me what they were going to do for my party. I love this forcefulness. This is who my friends and family are in my real and everyday life, not just before a party.

I don’t know if you understand how that feels. It is incredible. You never feel alone.

At my party I was on the ceiling with happiness. I was showing off my family, my old friends, my new friends, my children, my beautiful life.

Lucky me.


see some pictures and hear some more about my swinging 60’s party – no it wasn’t a key party- when I say swinging I mean the music


2 thoughts on “lucky me

  1. Lucky US for being a part of your beautiful life. As much as you wanted to celebrate your family and friends, we wanted to celebrate YOU and all the wonderful things that go along with you. It was a great party. Looking forward to the next one!

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