look both ways before you cross the street

There are many people who fill our lives, people who play big parts and small parts, people who touch us in ways that are indelible and remarkable, people who show us who we are and who we want to be just because of their presence and the role they play.

These are the  people you just cannot do without.

Today is your birthday.

The years are kind and good to you because you have been good to them. You never take life for granted, every minute counts, every friendship feels central to you, every person knows what you stand for and  who you are.

Time has defined your strongest features; your compassion, your work ethic, your generosity, your energy, your  beauty, your morality, your goodness, your wisdom and your wicked sense of humour.

This month has made me feel really happy, high even, to think about you in the world and what that means to me.

You get me always and immediately. We can  share everything. Every funny thing that happens to me is for you. Every hard thing and good thing is brought to you. You listen in a way that is deeper than that of mere mortals. Your dedication and strength are superhero worthy. Your love knows no bounds.

You love me the way the whole world should be loved.

I need to repeat what I said to you once when I was reminded of how much better the world is with you in it

Look both ways before you cross the street.

The world needs you. Especially me.

Happy Birthday xoxoxox See this as me getting a chance to say what I did not get to the other night when I drank that vodka and made that speech that only you and I thought was hysterical (#whendideveryonestartactingsogrownup?)

9 thoughts on “look both ways before you cross the street

  1. I do hope that you are going to compile all of these into a book, Nancy – you write so well and so meaningful – and look so much like your Mom!! – enjoy reading them and hope to see them all one day in a book.


    • this is a meaningful message to me- thank you so much- my plan is to get it published and I love having your support every step of the way ! xoxox

  2. Nance – the last few days have been so crazy this is the first chance I have had a chance to read this. It is beautiful. It means so much to me that you would put this out there for the world to see. We have lived through a lot together, always side by side and when I need to be carried, you are the one who carries me. I am blessed to have you in my life too. This is my favourite birthday present. To be this person that you write about to you is a life well lived!
    BTW – I loved your first speech too! Cross my heart and hope to die!

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