being quiet


I am not particularly good at this.

I can do it at your house, your cottage, my family cottage but not so  much in the city.

I feel like this is supposed to be my time of being quiet. This is my time to sit with it all, reflect and figure out some stuff that distraction and life have smothered in the past.

I draw my energy from people and being really, really busy and engaged in all that life offers. When I have a bit of time I try to fill it and if my house is quiet I want to have people over or go out.

But sometimes we are supposed to rest and reflect.

I am trying really hard to embrace these moments but it does not come naturally to me. After not being home one single night for 3 1/2  weeks solid and being wired from a very demanding and productive work schedule over the last two months, my plans for Saturday night fell through.

I got my book and got on the couch and tried to, you know, be that way. I read. I stared out of the window. I read. I stared out of the window.

It was weird.

But I am trying.


Another recent change involves an area of my life that has always looked a certain way Come over and see what I mean.

4 thoughts on “being quiet

  1. I think it takes a bit of practice – like a muscle. I find that reflection can help me make better choices going forward as well as restoring my centre and grounding. I welcome the silence.

  2. yes- this is why I was asleep in your car on the way back from the party!
    yes a muscle! If I can learn to run and love it surely I can learn to chill better.

  3. I envy you finding energy from being super busy and with people all the time! I am the first to want to escape to my quiet couch and find it such hard work to be out all the time! I think it must be muscle as well for me to have to put myself out there and try to find the energy to be in the thick of things. How wonderful we can learn so much from one another about different ways of finding joy.

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