I want to be that girl

Once upon a time when I was  newly separated and it was my first Christmas this way and I was holding it together so well because I had to and I wanted to but suddenly I was about to spill all my emotion,

someone really close to me took me by the hand, poured me a glass of champagne and took me up to her bathroom and we sat for a short while  on the countertop and I sipped the champagne and I breathed in and out and downed most of it and the world got hazy and soft like through a lens and I felt like I could exhale and I remember I could go back to life after that short time out and deal.

 I was recently given this gift and I thought isn’t that the coolest thing- with it I can be that girl with a flask and when you come to me wherever we are and I can give you a swig and a shoulder to cry on and a place to exhale

From now on wherever I go I will carry this (once I figure out what to put in it so it wont taste gross) and you can come to me with your troubles and I will help you sort it out and make the world a little soft and hazy for a while.




(If you are running across difficulty getting into my new blog – try again later as developers are working to make it perfect )Do you ever have horoscope envy? If you are an AQUARIAN you never do. I am sorry it is true but our horoscopes are always the best while yours are ratty ours are WILDLY exciting. Except for this one I got and found it so true I had to cut it out. BOO.

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