telling stories

Last night a man said something to me that stopped me in my tracks.

“We must tell our stories so that they don’t tell us”


It is through  understanding our stories that we dominate them so they do not dominate us. We extract what we need to from them and emerge a better version of ourselves.

He is  James Fitzgerald, the author of a book called What Disturbs our Blood.

His grandfather committed suicide at the pinnacle of his career. His father went mad and then committed suicide at the pinnacle of his career. NO ONE spoke of either event. Did you hear me? No one spoke of either event.

Trying to understand his own underachieving ways, he set out to uncover and understand their ends and their depression.

Through this telling his own life changed dramatically.

I understand this.

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  1. LOVED the book….we did it in our book club and he came to speak to us.
    Highly recommend it…a real page-turner!

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