just when I got used to being alone


bathing beauty~ summer 2013


I was alone for two whole days last week. It was weird.

Silent. Really, really silent.

I tried to love it for all of you that crave it. I tried to love it because we must when it is upon us.

I tried to get used to it even though I have had so so little practice with it.

Hey. I was starting to really dig it.

It was better than nice.

I was doing all my stuff but really quiet.

I know I sound like a baby but for a moment, and I may regret telling you this although I am pretty sure we all feel this way from time to time,  when I let myself, I wonder if everyone has forgotten about me

Then I got a phone call. It was a  good friend. We started to chat. Then my mom. Then another friend and then the call I love most

” I am on the highway, I will be driving right by yours, I am alone and I miss you. I am  coming to see you. I am staying the night”

I love this HUGE.

So unexpected.



When this friend arrived at the cottage door- I was so fully engrossed in something very personal and private- I was in a trance. Click here and take a look at what it was

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