with our compliments

I was at a hotel earlier this week and received a complimentary amenity.

I could hardly contain my excitement.


It was this hand towel with a note on it

“Complimentary Guest Towel- Courtesy of Best Western”Take this towel with you on your travels and use it however you like.

At first I thought the little paper towel was a note that meant to be attached to, perhaps a lovely plush towel, that was a gift. But then it hit me. This paper towel- and I promise you- that is all it was- was the gift.

I could not stop thinking about how ridiculous this was. I wondered for a brief moment if this was a prank. There are a few people out there looking to get back at me for some of my best work.

At check out I thanked the people for a great sleep- the room and beds were very comfortable and clean- and I love that. But then I held up the towel and said “But you gotta explain this to me. What is this for?”

I tried to smile but I really thought the paper towel was a bit insulting. Are they going to print on kleenex and TP next and tell you to use it however you like?

Am I  on candid camera? Is this SNL?

The manager came out.

She tried to keep a sincere face. Even she was having a tough time buying in. “It is a complimentary guest towel. A little something from us.”

You are kidding, right?

“Oh, I see. Well that is fabulous. Thank you so much. I cannot begin to think of all the ways it will come in handy. I will think of you when I use it.” *winks*

Daughters turned to me in the parking lot, laughing, and said “Mom, does anyone ever say your sarcasm is a little scary?”

Just behind my back.


This was a perfect two day trip. We laughed our way through most of it with only tiny cries at the goodbye. There was the perfect moment they said ‘Come over here, mom’ and the other very different moment when I cried a little in the frozen food section. 

But otherwise huge fun. I am getting so good at letting go. Sort of.