Happy anniversary

This past weekend marked the 7th anniversary of the end of my marriage.
Although I love marriage and believe in it, I also celebrate the end of mine.

getting a happy anniversary kiss

In these 7 years there has been sadness, grief, joy, triumph, surprise, excitement, success, failure, exhilaration, love, fear, loneliness, frustration, disappointment, humour and happiness  so deep and rich they appear to shame the helpings that were served to me before this life change.

Am I thankful for this experience? Yes, strangely. I wish with all my heart I could have become all that I am and continue to try to be without it all, but I wonder if that would have been possible.

Sometimes the experience of 7 years ago and the journey that took us to the break, is retold to new and old friends. When I do, I feel both attached and detached from it, like it’s wild truth is so awesome and particular that I try to imagine hearing it for the first time and how that person must view me to hear it.
And then I remember that I am a girl who got divorced but I am not my divorce. I am still me and my divorce has both changed me and enlightened me.

Happy anniversary to me. I look forward to more deep and rich servings.


When I was asked to go away this weekend to do something amazing, I could not resist. It felt like a massive nod to how far I have come and that I am good just as I am. New and wonderful experiences sit before me as long as I continue to do the hard thing and stay both open and vulnerable. Come and see the first simple thing I did when I got there. It is something I rarely do.


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