When my father’s first grandchild (my oldest) was two she was at the bottom of his staircase listening to him yelling in his way

Where are my socks? Has anyone seen my socks? Judy, where on earth are my socks?

And she looked up at him with the face of an angel and said  BOSS! She did what he has always done.

She gave a nickname, and a very apt one, to someone she loved.

And everyone after that-everyone of all ages, his wife, his friends, our friends, his children, subsequent grandchildren, doctors and nurses- all call him that.

And he was BOSS until his end, October 30, 2013.

And he is no doubt BOSS where he has gone to now, as well.   I needed to tell her by phone that he had gone. It was hard. Afterwards, I sent in the troops. Click here for a little tenderness.

8 thoughts on “BOSS

  1. Dear Nancy! I’ve been following your blog now since my seperation four years ago and your stories helped me so much to get through the beginning of this very hard path. Your father has been part of this journey all along and it put tears in my eyes when I just read about his passing. I am so sorry about your loss, but I know that this very special and strong person will live in your heart forever!

  2. Ken and I remember all the fun times—very noisy tennis games, delicious and noisy dinner parties and noisy challenging talks!
    We remember! Bless you all. Marg.

  3. Nancy, sorry about your loss. Your blogs often bring out many emotions but this one stood out since the Boss has affected you in so many ways. You are such a great person!

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