There has been so much thinking lately for me about what makes a good man and a good life.

The neat thing  when you live sincerely, you never have to use the word. And you definitely don’t have to repeat it three times.

This thinking so strongly juxtaposes the man and the behaviour filling all our media time right now.

I remember on several occasions in my life when I have lived in or been to foreign countries, having to respond to questions from what seemed like otherwise intelligent and educated people-

Where is Toronto again?

What language do you speak in Canada?

Do you really all live in igloos?

Drive dog sleds?

What is it like to live in winter all year long?

Do you have bagels in Canada?

And once even on the corner of 5th and 52nd in Manhattan, hardly a faraway place, on our way to a meeting, a colleague asked me Do you have credit cards in Toronto?

So it warms my heart how we have finally landed on the world map at the hands of none other than BOZO the Clown.

When real actual news and parody become the same thing, you know we are in trouble.

I am tired and a bit ashamed right now. So over to you, Jon.


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