no more secrets

My mom found out she had Parkinson’s around the time my marriage was falling apart.

She chose not to tell me.

She felt I had enough to handle and enough to worry about.

This is what mothers do. They protect. When their children are going through the hardest things they nurture, they don’t ‘burden’

But when she finally told me and it sunk in, I asked- how long have you known? And she told me how many years she had it sitting there without my knowledge and my compassion and I was upset. I made her promise no more secrets. Our life is never so bad that we can’t be of service and help those we love. In fact being treated as if you can handle more when life is hard makes you able to handle more. And can make you better.

And when I heard the story I loved her more for her example.

Stay tuned as I will tell it tomorrow.

It will inspire.



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