it’s your turn

What if we could say that to people in their time of need?

What if we could convince them that we can help, that we all have struggles that get too big and suddenly we need help from others. And that we take it when we need to so we can give it when we can.

This is our common thread. We are not different and isolated but rather all very much alike. All swimming in a big pot that we either add to or take from depending on the moment.

Last weekend at a small dinner, I mentioned that I wanted to find a way to fly a friend, going through an extremely tough time, down south to my mom’s place for a week. I said I was going to ask my family if anyone was sitting on loads of points as I have too few.

I will buy her a ticket  my perfect friend said immediately.

They don’t even know each other.

The giving friend said;  I am so lucky to be able to do this

The receiving friend said; This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. Why is she doing this for me?

 Because she can. If I was craving fresh muffins I would call on you because you make the best ones in the world. If you wanted something beautiful hanging over your bed, I would make it for you. This person can give you a ticket. It is not much different. We give what we can. It makes us feel alive.

I can’t possibly take it.

Yes, you can and you must. It’s your turn.

If the doctor lets her, she will go. Fingers crossed.



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