delusions of youth


As we were leaving for the 10km on Sunday, I said to my daughter-

Hey, I love you so much but this is a race. I won’t be waiting for you because you hardly trained. Call me when you get to the finish line.

I am pretty sure all of you can guess  what happens next.

I have decided that it is complete and utter delusion that keeps us young. And foolish.

Yes, she beat me.

Ok it is true, that it was only by a matter of seconds, but she beat me.

Every time I looked up I could see her happy ponytail swinging back and forth. In front of me.

There were 27,000 people out for the race and we were within seconds of each other the whole way.

So after all the pushing and telling my children that I have decided that part of my gift to them is my wellness manifesto (with a side order of army green smoothies) insisting on 30 minutes of cardio at least 4 times a week and they would look at me like I was nuts, she slid gracefully passed the finish line and says

That was so fun!


Are you nuts?

I was so happy to get her over to my way of thinking.

But I was also a little pissed.

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