when laura met laura and the true art of showing up

Today, at Art Camp, it is Laura’s 8th birthday.

Birthday means no chores. Birthday means you get carried, princess style, to breakfast.

Poetically, best friend, Laura, not 8, calls. She is en route up north.

Why don’t you drop in for breakfast, it is going to be special, I say. It’s a birthday over here. We are having every bad thing in the world; waffles with ice cream and maple syrup.

(selfishly, I love to show her off, and show off my campers as well- you have to witness the magic to believe it)

She says no, she has a full day ahead.

But at the end of yoga with my 9 artists, around 8 o’clock, she is at the front door.

For her 90% of life is just showing up

So she always shows up.

When we have guests at art camp- I tell the campers they must introduce themselves in a novel and compelling way and that they must (respectfully) ask a squirm question. A squirm question is a question that makes the person squirm a little.

One asks big Laura what is your funniest story?

She insists on acting it out.


Next question- what is your favourite motto?

Well that part is easy, she says

90% of life is just showing up

She explains the idea to the short adorables. I tell them her dad taught her this and that he died about a year ago and that repeating this motto keeps him alive.

But living it is always better than just telling it.


the Lauras big and little and the art of showing up



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  1. Laura is a gem, I feel blessed that she has entered my life too. Laura is full of love, generous and committed to her friends unconditionally and is hilarious. She embraces everyone with love and is the best at hugging.
    We love you Laura for just ‘showing up’.

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