he made me breakfast

When a man gives you a gift, it is a very special thing.

When a young boy gives you a gift, it is spectacular.


When it is homemade, it is wildly special.

You remember how much I love Fraser?

Take a look at this 

or more importantly this



This is Fraser.

And this is Fraser.

Fraser’s self sculpture in a hot air balloon

He is Owen Meany. He is a brilliant Forrest Gump. He is an angel. He might be Jesus.

He is my favourite little guy.

He returned to Art Camp this week carrying a gift for me.

He was so excited he could hardly get the words out.

I was on a dog walk and I picked Mulberries, as I always do, and I made you this jam. And with this jam, I always make homemade crustless bread. I gave you a thick slice. I think you could slice it in half and make quite a nice breakfast for yourself for tomorrow.

Wow. Fraser I am truly very touched. You made me breakfast. I can’t wait until tomorrow. Wait. Fras, do you know a Mulberry when you see one? I mean how do I know this jam is not from a poisonous berry?

Gasp. I would never poison you, Nancy.

Ok. As long as you eat it too, I am going to. You know, like a taster for a king. *winks*

So the next day at breakfast I ate Fraser’s present to me divided in 10 1″ squares so all the campers could taste it.

it was divine






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