I love your life

Here is what I love about driving home from Kingston

All google maps will say is

217 KM keep left

No matter what I do, I can’t get lost.

Here is what I don’t love about driving home from Kingston-

I need to leave this behind.

When we moved her back in to her ‘home’ (there comes this day, and it comes fast, when they call something other than your home ‘home’  and you must celebrate the dagger that goes into your heart change).

I made her a painting for her room

Only to find she has already drunk my kool aid

Her note in lipstick on her mirror-‘happiness depends on ourselves’ Aristotle

She let me do her 5×5″ bulletin board. As she comes from a long line of hoarders  sentimentalists who don’t love to throw out cards, ticket stubs, dead flowers etc, I was given the job of taking down last school year’s cards, photos, ticket stubs and dead flowers to make room for this year’s cards, photos, ticket stubs and dead flowers.


We had a little beautiful music on and the warm air was coming through the window and I looked at her and said

I love your life.

She has made this beautiful life for herself. It took some time, great and brave effort, some growing pains but she made it so.

And I was so happy for her.

In that 401W crying sort of way.

4 thoughts on “I love your life

  1. Nance … sometimes, your words make me smile through tears. Other times, they make me cry through my smile. So poignant. So simply stated. So. Damn. Spot. On.

    p.s. My girls call their summer camp their “home”. Bittersweet.

    • Deb, the camp as ‘home’ is the first step! Yikes. It is what we want but what we fear. They move from us so slowly we forget and then suddenly wham! You realize how little time you get to be right with them. Happy, independent children is what we want after all. Drats.

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