a nice girl like you


What is a nice girl like you still doing unmarried?

Piss me off.


This is never actually meant as a compliment. It is meant as- I am too picky -or worse- how come you did not fit this achievement in? Is there something wrong with you?

I got this recently at the grocery store (it is always the grocery storeby an acquaintance.

The hair stood up on the back of my neck.

Firstly, but of least importance, because I was raised with brothers nice always means one thing for me- great personality, big bum, problem skin and too many cats.

More importantly, I felt like saying-

What about all the stuff I have done?

What about how I survived and didn’t have a breakdown? Not even a little, mini, quaint one over in a small corner?

What about the 24/7 thing of sole custody and how knowing I could never call in sick, I didn’t. Not once. Not one day in all those years. Not to work or to life.

What about how I have raised two great people alone?

Run a business?

What about how I learned how to drill, BBQ, use a GPS, pack a car, wander the aisles giddy at Home Depot, carry impossibly heavy things, and caulk. (Thank you, spell check) Sorry feminists, these used to be blue jobs for me.

What about how I never drink too much even when it is tempting, am not on any mood medication (not that there’s anything wrong with that), never got bitter always better?

(Jesus, I am good. Btw, so are you. Where is the f%^&ing parade?)

None of this seems to matter.

You know I have a problem with the way some see the world. So instead of grabbing her by the neck

I said with all sincerity

I have been finding out. And it has been perfect.




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