I am already good

If art imitates life, my art school consistently offers me a microcosm of the outside world. Often I think a  better, safer and happier imitation.

Meet one of my favourite artists, Owen. I have known him since he was 3.


The creative warm up for this project I call Up Up and Away, is goal setting with the emphasis on new beginnings, perspective and horizons so possible from high in the sky.

Here are Owen’s goals.

Be a better biker. I am already good. Be a better skater.

I love the way he put his thoughts down as they occurred to him. Be a better biker- hey wait a minute, I am already good! I am fabulous! Look at me!

When was the last time you said I am already good about anything ?


Owen is like all of us. There is more to him then meets the eye. He has a beautiful brother who has to work harder then the rest of us to be better at stuff. Read his story next.


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