My neighbours know this about me.

And I know this about them.

And it is what makes great neighbours.

Do Not Replace.

I want my neighbours to think of my house as their store. If you need it I have it. I love when my across the street neighbour comes over for a little bit of pink paint for a school project, my art studio to build a Christmas gift, a LBD for a special event, a bottle of white, a bit of advice, a pretty bracelet or a yoga mat. And I have borrowed from them-an egg, the strong back of her husband (easy there, nothing shady folks), her fancy long very long black coat for black tie affairs and her printer when mine failed. Plus plus plus I can’t remember all the things.

Once when oldest daughter’s boyfriend was visiting for the first time, I told this neighbour to pretend borrowing the cliche cup of sugar just to meet him. We were both so excited I think she left with an empty cup.

Last week a bunch of us were having a quick dinner about to head out to a special event all dressed up so smart and pretty and she flew in looking for rice.  I can’t explain why I love this so. I threw her a bag and screamed

D N R !

and she knew what I meant.



(but please do resuscitate me unless I have nothing more to offer than that kale that is wilting in my fridge)




Other handy acronyms between friends and family-

MIK- more in kitchen

FHB- Family hold back (when guests with big appetites show up unexpectedly)

ITYGF – Is that your girlfriend ?

ITYB- Is that your boyfriend ?

YSITL- your shirt is too low

YPATTyour pants are too tight

DS- don’t slouch

YRWT- you are wearing that?

WSLAGBWe should leave and get busy

ILFBTW- I like flowers, by the way.

PYHHETD-Perhaps you have had enough to drink

The possibilities are endless. I am not that subtle so these are all new to me.  Actually the first two were given to me recently, the rest I made up just now. Once you get going, you can’t stop.

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)-


PS –AIDYC (Am I Driving You Crazy?)



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