This is Christmas- confession

Saturday we had our really great mom/ daughter Christmas shopping day. We dress up, have breakfast downtown and shop for pretty much the only time all year.

My children try everything on. I say yes to anything they want (they don’t ask for much and treasure the smallest things) and they whisper about what they are getting me and love the moment when they say to me

I got this

And they treat me to something new. It is the best.

But I have a confession to make. And it ain’t pretty.

Complete rude bimbo salesperson, manoeuvring his eternal ‘first day’ on the job (over and over like groundhog day) while the line snaked out the door and down the street, gave my daughter too much change. I mean quite a bit too much.

When she told me I did everything parenting experts tell you you are supposed to do

only perfectly the opposite

I gave her a high five

and told her to run and not look back.


portrait of an unfit mom and the children trying to raise her

portrait of an unfit mom and the children trying to raise her

2 thoughts on “This is Christmas- confession

  1. Kind of shocked and disappointed that you are almost gloating about this. Two wrongs never ever make a “right”. I am not judging you at all, but I do not see the value in this post, on so many levels.

    • Hi Debbie. Not sure I would call it gloating just found it interesting, comical and surprising. If we are virtually connected through my blog and it has been 5 years and 798 posts there is no way you are going to agree with or like everything I say. And I am really ok with that. Just like real life. This is me too. No part of this was to right anything.
      My blog has never been about being right just being human. And I am very human.
      I do appreciate your view and am so glad you shared it.

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