Also Christmas- Last minute shopping

I started shopping a week ago yesterday. I arrived smoothly at Yorkdale just before opening, with a perfect parking spot, a list and a coffee, my coat left in the car, all unencumbered and calm.

First retailer looks at me – Just wrapping things up?

And I said -No, actually just starting.

WHOA. We are quite the last minute shopper, aren’t we?

Wtf. ( Not all of us have been singing Christmas Carols since Hallowe’en plus I don’t love when people speak this way)

In my world, last minute shopping was my brothers calling from Shoppers Drug Mart just before closing on Christmas Eve, a slight panic to their voices Is your skin dry or oily? Just answer the question and answer it quick!

And my dad, on Christmas morning, whispering in my ear What did you get for mom from me?

favourite things wrapped

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