This is Christmas- I can’t find Jesus

No, I am serious.

I really can’t find him. The little guy is missing. Look-

Where is Jesus

Any ideas on where I might find him?

My observant friends tell me he will appear on Christmas eve and has no place in this manger until then anyway.


For those of you who think he is somewhere back in the line up returning the very small amount of cash that the salesperson over gave my daughter, you may be right. For those of you who reached out with shock and disappointment, over the phone, in person or otherwise, please remember I am a story teller and  I am human. I am not here to set a standard. I am interested in saying what we all want to say about what we sometimes do and often feel. I am interested in the push back and the provocative.  And I believe  miracles are everywhere. Even, or maybe especially,  in our failed selves.

Wishing you,

those who tell me you stayed up all night reading this blog when you found it, those who laughed until you cried and cried until you laughed, those of you who let me make you think a little differently, those of you I did not know who come up to me every time I am out in the world and let me know I have made a difference in your life, those of you who disagree, those of you who challenge, those of you who tell me your stories and all of you who let me share mine-


xoxox Nancy


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