the hunting ground

After I saw this documentary on rampant and undocumented sexual assault and rape on college campuses, I sent this note to both of my daughters. It re-iterated what I have already hopefully drilled into them but as parents can we ever say something this important too many times?

1. Never leave your drink unattended even for a second. If you doubt, throw it out. I will pay for your next one and give you a tip for being smart.

2. Always take a wingman. You should choose your friends wisely. Do you watch out for each other?

3. There is nothing you do or experience that I am not ready to hear. I will be there for you no matter what. I want to hear. I want to help. Don’t be afraid to tell me anything.

This doc was appalling on levels too deep to allow subsequent sleep. Hundreds of assaults and rapes go undiscussed and un-prosecuted while the victims are continually shamed into submission, depression and even suicide as the administration hungry for alumni dollars whore themselves into denial and delusion.

One case in particular had the QB of the precious football team get the Heisman trophy while his rape victim was stalked and given death threats until she had to drop out. It seems his ability to smash her face into the bathroom floor translates well on the football field.

This documentary portrays the victims as fighting back in a way that is spectacular. I will not soon forget the image of one victim deciding she would walk campus carrying her mattress until someone paid attention to her claim, while her rapist sat in class celebrated.

This should be shown during Frosh Week. This film should be watched by all young women people. These schools should be outed and shamed.


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  1. Nance – thank you so much for blogging about this. This film has stayed with me for many days. Every man woman and child should watch it. It has to stop – now.

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