One day you realize the only thing that offends you is the evening news.

My 21 year old friend sent me this yesterday- screaming ‘Aunt (kissing aunt) Nance, you are going to love this’

The subject line read BAGINA.

Many years ago when she and her sister and my two were very little we sat down to dinner together and we were about to toast the nice meal and the excitement of being together and her little sister, maybe 4, holds up her sippy cup to toast us and says, so proud of herself, (she had likely just heard the word for her girl part and bon appetite the same week and confused the two)


Poor thing, So earnest and innocent and we all fell off our chairs and rolled on the floor laughing for 20 minutes.

Now whenever we eat together, we toast each other and say BONNA BAGINA.

It’s practically a family tradition.

Here is what she sent me. If it offends you, remember I have a sympathy concussion and presently just don’t know right from wrong. If you think its as funny as I do, take a look at the other stuff they do.

2 thoughts on “Bagina

  1. Never gets old. Thanks for sharing. We will laugh about this until the day we are in diapers and drooling on ourselves!

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