what are you asking for?

About a year ago I wrote a note and put it on my desk. It said

I want more work


The next day I ran back to it and tore it in a million pieces and wrote a new note

I want more paid work 

Because, let’s face it- we likely all  have enough ‘work’.

Things began picking up. You may think it was the note and the (overused word) intention, you may think it was the extra work I did, you may think it was the attitude, you may think it was the moment of enlightenment I got when I read the value of a Starbucks customer over a lifetime is $27,000 and my ticket prices are much higher than that latte you are holding and perhaps I should take my good to great and treat every single customer like they are the beginning and the end. And be impeccable in my word. (oh how I love that phrase and I am working on it).

And you will be right no matter what you think.

Would you also believe I write notes to myself about my friendships, my whole family and the boy I wanted to come into my life?

What are you asking for?

can you see the forest for the trees?

Can you see the forest for the trees? Large canvas project  art camp 2015

Want to see some magic? Take a look. I am a lucky duck. Sometimes I even get to wear a bikini to the office in all this heat.

bikinis to the office

You think all I ever think about is art? I can’t live on that alone. There is chocolate too. Come here see what I mean.

Have a beautiful day. And write yourself a little note and see what happens. ( And maybe use spellcheck as I clearly did not)


2 thoughts on “what are you asking for?

  1. I keep a notepad with a big tin of magic markers and have notes like this all over my bathroom so I need to look at them every morning when I get up and every night before bed. It’s a great way to create mindfullness and (what Danielle LaPorte would say) manifest your core desires. #workslikeacharm and so much #fun (and now i love that my son is copying me and doing this too.)

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