September 6

9 years ago on this date I separated.

Every year on this date I think about how much my life has changed and how much I have changed. It always amazes me that the last 9 have been my best, hardest but best.  I reflect on how I am so lucky and on the many people who helped me in ways that are too staggering to list.

Here is the image that best describes the feeling. Imagine you are selected at the beginning of a tough game, the toughest game of your life as the MVP and you are put high on everyone’s ( my entire family and community) shoulders and they parade you around super high, super strong, you can’t possibly fail or fall down. You can’t let them down. You can’t let you down.

I reminisce and count my blessings but I also use this day to do something really fabulous. It is a celebration after all.

Two years ago I was sent on an all expense paid trip to Atlantis to blog about the hotel. I took the trip alone. Well, not totally alone. I had an encounter with a randy seal.

sunshine-the-sea-lion I worked on overcoming my fear of heights. I played with dolphins.  Fantastic, beautiful treat. wetsuit-NM

Last year, I was in Paris, one of my very favourite places on earth, avec un garçon tres gentil et adorable,  and for some crazy wacky reason no one else was there. I mean it. Look, we are practically alone. (My deep regret- I wore flips flops as my beautiful, sexy shoes were not good for all the time we spent on bikes and on foot. Je m’excuse, Paris.)

I love Paris

This year separation day was spectacular and poetic again.

I separated from my girls, dropping the little (!) one to University on this exact magic date. I separated well. (Sure, I felt a little my limbs were being pulled off, or like a toddler with separation anxiety, feeling a tantrum coming on but I overcame) Very excited for all.  Maybe even a little jealous. OK. A lot jealous.

I drove home and popped in to get my overnight bag and the same garçon picked me up, before I even had a chance to count the empty beds. Strategy.

My favourite neighbour texted me a few hours later knowing about this big day ‘ everything ok over there?’ She saw my car in the driveway and my house all closed up  and wondered if I was ok.

I replied I am having cocktails on a dock 

skinny dipIn other words, everything is ok. Really ok.


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