hanging out at the mall

Last week,  we are on our way to Washington, DC for a Harvard Reunion- (already half of you think I am lying or at minimum in way over my head) and I am already wondering best practices for faking superior intelligence, when I find out that 6 of us are going to be having a 7:30 breakfast at the mall

I hate the mall

I hate the mall

Not that one.

This one

yup this mall, the nice one with no back lit signs

yup this mall, the nice one with no back lit signs

with a real live Admiral. Not just any Admiral but one who has been decorated more than my tree at Christmas. A guy who was the man in charge of the USS Enterprise when 9/11 hit , who did a 180 while returning from  the Persian Gulf and dropped stuff on Afghanistan. I could say Joint Chiefs of Staff  I could say so much but then I would have to kill you. But I do need to say he was a real live TOPGUN (*swoons*), who had Tom Cruise (yuck but not as much way back then) hang with him to prep for his movie, Topgun. SHUT UP. The beach volleyball scene may or may not have crossed my mind.

The guy organizing this says

Bring your questions, this will be the best geopolitical discussion you will have all year

You know what I am thinking. I have never had a geopolitical discussion. In my whole life.

VNB and I are on the plane heading to DC having a little wine in turbulence,  when he says,

I studied up on the Admiral and I have my question

I said me too. I am going to ask him about his time at Central Tech

VNB says Central Tech is in Toronto. And it is for delinquents. Admiral went to Georgia Tech.

Got it. I think I will be silent.

With a side order of mouth hanging open.

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