not your average pear

I am addressing my great weekly class of 15 little boys at the white board this week.

They are adoring and adorable. They are 6 and 7 years old.

This week we were doing one of my favourite subjects; pears.

A pear is voluptuous and full of a range of colour. I must like to make things difficult for myself because these little guys would rather draw army figures or monsters.

Little guy comes up all confident- we have mutual crushes- he tells me when I arrive on Wednesdays Nancy I have thought about you all day and I tell him the same- he wants to demonstrate what we are doing. He figures he has nailed it.

I remind them that you begin with a small frown at the top


then you give a big smile at the bottom. I have a distaste for perfection, so I say the smile can be bumpy, the pear has a tush to sit on.

smile and frown

And then, because pears do not have elbows, you connect them in a supple way.

I am hoping for something like this


but after addressing the group, I look back at the board and this scrumptious 6 year old has earnestly drawn this


Okey Dokey. (Can’t look at the other teachers) Good job. Lets keep doing pears. This is going really well. *Frantically erases white board*

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