how much wood could a woodchuck chuck


stacking wood

It was a warm fall day and we had the distinct pleasure of time. And a repetitive chore to lose ourselves in.

We had great music on loud and the trees, with their pink, red, yellow and gold leaves swayed with it.

He was chopping and splitting and I was stacking. I had a simple ramp system (I love a simple ramp system) and a wheelbarrow (I love wheelbarrows) and I stacked the wood on the porch until it went all the way down two sides.

At the end, the job all done and looking beautiful and ready for winter, he looks at me and says, what I have now decided surpasses all compliments as the highest- really higher than damn you look good in those jeans-

Where did you get your work ethic?

And it occurred to me that the very best thing to put in your life is someone you respect so much you want them to admire you.



(And When I am not stacking wood, here is what I love to do with equal vengeance and spirit)

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