what’s in a name

I was in a car this week with 5 women. Two of us named Nancy.

Hey Nance someone said. I answered only they weren’t speaking to me.

What? Nance was the name my dad invented so he could call me Nancy when he was mad at me.

On Saturday night I was at a party hanging out in the room with the bar- it was me and 4 guys, all of them involved with women named Nancy. It will be easy to remember your name, they said when I introduced myself.

Yesterday I went into a favourite look but don’t buy shop and a really tall, really beautiful, 25 year old Asian girl (practically my doppleganger) greeted me and said Hi my name is Nancy and I said You are kidding me, right? No way. My friends put you up to this?

Now I realize I might be coming across as racist.

I wasn’t being racist. I was being ageist. Nancy is a dead name, I told her

I realize this might be insulting so I smile and say Who were you named after? 

and she says Nancy Reagan.


And I have a brother Richard. After Richard Nixon.

Seriously. I can’t make this stuff up.

i used to feel so special until I realized I wasn't

I used to feel so special until I realized I wasn’t !   12×16 watercolour www.artstudioforchildren.com



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