happy single parents day

I have just read that today is Single Parent’s Day.

Single parent has as many connotations as ‘single’ person. There is single parent with very involved other broken off half. There is single parent with other half who is all over you all the time driving you crazy but involved with their/your kids, there is throw a big fat wad of cash at you other half that leaves everything up to you, there is single parent by choice, there is single parent where it is pretty much smooth sailing co parenting ( I can count too few of you). There is single parent where the other parent pretty much fell off the side of the earth.

But whatever type of single parent you are, I salute you. But I also salute and kiss the feet of the people that always make up the shortfall –

your friends who believed you were the best of the best (even when you wondered how on earth you would ever put it all together well), your family who came to your side- like a house on fire- when you said ‘help me’, your children who, simply by their example and the kind of outstanding people they are,  lifted you up by their presence every single day to do better than yesterday’s best, the kindness of strangers, your book club who knew when you needed to leave in the middle of a ‘meeting’ because your VIPs needed you and excused you for never finishing a book for over 8 years because you were either wide awake and racing through life or dead asleep with drool on page one, your boyfriend who makes you feel cared for the way we all should, the team of people you put together to look up to, to advise you, to think of your children in the best possible way so that they may be only amazing, that note you got that lifted you high, the  everyone, the everything, the whole bit

that never once made you feel like a single parent

to you I say happy single parents day because between us you and I make me enough.IMG_4010

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    • I think about you often Sara and I am amazed at the way you put it all together so well. I would love to see you and Will! Sending xo and Happy Single Parents day to you, my friend. xox

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