ikigai self sculpture

Art Studio For Children Ikigai project

Several years ago when I was writing this blog daily, I read The Book of Awesome and reached out to the celebrated author, whose private ramblings of wonder and simple joys on his personal blog, went viral and then was turned into a book which became an international bestseller, to say ‘hey, way to go, Neil’. I included my blog of which I was proud and he replied an hour and a half later with a personal note. We had never met.

Recently, I went to his intimate cocktail reception of his latest book The Happiness Equation. I introduced myself to him saying that I appreciated his story of writing his way through adversity (#salve) and how much I was thrilled to get a note back from him (or maybe, let’s face it, his people) so quickly.

This was precisely the time I was scavenging my life for inspiration for this year’s art camps. It was there that night and in his latest book that I found it.

And to no surprise, in the calamity we call life, it has served me so well.

It is called IKIGAI.

Over to you Nicole, to describe it.

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