Everything I learned at MIT and HBS

I  recently got my Harvard MBA attended some classes at Harvard Business School. Because I bore easily,  I also got an engineering degree at went to some classes at MIT. I may have been wearing the cutest outfit in the room but these people are so damn smart they didn’t notice. These people think so fast and are so smart, I found myself silent in ways I so seldom am. When I realized they could also be charming and funny, I considered jumping off a bridge. Hey, that’s my thing. You are not allowed to have all. 


acting like you belong is 9/10ths of the law

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a decade

Just before I started this blog with great anticipation, I called a meeting with two women, both talented writers, whose work was all divorce related, both 10 years out from their married selves, and I thought to myself I do not want to be about divorce 10 years later. I want to be about life. 

And here I am celebrating 10 years today that my marriage ended.

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the difference a conversation makes

One of the people I admire most, said something to me this past year that has resonated, reverberated and proven itself to be very true over and over again.

It is amazing the difference one single conversation can make.

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