We recently had the privilege of helping someone in deep distress.

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when doing happy doesn’t make happy

Over the Christmas break I took my firstborn to her doctor. She had not been feeling right for a few months. She was anxious, sad and very tired. I had offered lists and strategies throughout the Fall, as I am prone to do, of sure fire ways to feel better. Nothing seemed to work. Because she is 20, I drop her at the doctors. I do not go in with her, I do not hold her lovingly on my lap, I do not speak for her, I do not protect her, I do not manage next steps. Instead, I go grocery shopping and hope for the best.

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Do you ever place value on what you think about in your very first waking moments? These are important thoughts that set the day in motion and catapult you into action and live in your thoughts. They have power. They make your day.

I woke up this morning at 4:45 thinking about someone I have never met.

I was thinking about a single mother a few years younger than me, whose challenges and stories and glories and fears and joys may have been very similar to mine up until just a short while ago.

But now she faces the unimaginable.

Her name is Tracy Dort Kyne and on September 4 of 2011 she was training for a road race when her bike crashed.She is now a quadriplegic.  If you understand spinal cord injury it is much like all of life  dna and forensics essays 12 monkeys ending analysis essay buy viagra no prescription australia em quanto tempo cialis faz efeito pastillas genericas viagra go watch abstract critical essay examples acquisto online cialis originale enter site here reacciones viagra endurance running hypothesis essay examples for kids term paper writing tip eriacta uk reduce effects of flagyl good friendship essay cholestral and accutane get link ampicillin resistance gene compare good and bad essays a fraction of a second here, a millimetre of a difference there , a quick decision to do or not to do something and everything is changed. Forever.

It is an interesting thing about adversity. You think for a time that you are dealing with the very hardest thing on earth.  And the next day those challenges may be dwarfed by struggles  never dreamed of.

And then you have choices.

Today we only know this version of  struggle and pain.

Lately I have been thinking about health and well being. I have been loving my health and both emotional and physical strength more than ever and how it has thanked me for the attention I have paid to it.

This morning very early, I went for a run and then an hour of hard yoga. I did it because I can.

I wondered what it would be like to need so much help. And to accept it.

I wondered about not being able to do the simple things and the things that brought you pleasure and independence. I wondered about less of that treasured time alone.

I do not know her but I woke up thinking only of her.

She *inspired me today.

but when you get to the gym and your eyes meet with a stranger every day- how do you react? When that stranger is hurting themselves? Doesn’t that seem crazy knowing how everything can be changed by a moment? Click here for starving for attention

*If you want to be inspired by strength, courage and compassion, read the blog dedicated to her new journey. It is  humbling.