serious business


The doorbell rings at art camp and it is a parent picking up two hours early.

We are in the middle of something very serious. You may come in but you will have to be silent.

On the floor, lying side by side, are all 10 children. Towels are covering their bodies to the neck. Towels are covering their heads to the lips. At first glance it looks alarmingly like an odd  morgue.

The mom has a good sense of humour but I can feel her wondering wtf.

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ikigai self sculpture

Art Studio For Children Ikigai project

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on moral courage

Don’t come up to me to tell me you are inspired by me, show me by sending me an email in a month and tell me what you have done differently in your life

I went to a talk on Moral Courage a few weeks ago and these were the parting words of the speaker.

I promised myself that I would practice moral courage over the next month and make it a positive change in my life going forward.

I spent the next days trying to find opportunities to be my best.

It was not as easy as I thought it would be.

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